Child Proof Electrical Plugs Edenvale

Childproof Electrical Plugs Edenvale: Way too many children get treated in emergency rooms yearly. From electrical shocks and electrical burns, from playing with electrical plugs. This service is part of our Residential Electrical Services Range from Electrician Edenvale.

Edenvale Child Proof Electrical Plugs

Child Proof Electrical Plugs EdenvaleKeeping your precious one’s safe, and free from harm. With Childproof Electrical Plugs Edenvale Call 082-396-4866! Childproof Electrical Plugs Edenvale What Are Childproof Electrical Plugs Edenvale?

Although Childproof Electrical Plugs Edenvale. Look almost the same as your regular wall plugs. They are not! Cover plates protect the electrical contacts from the insertion of objects. For adults who know how to operate a standard plug. Using Child Proof Electrical Plugs in Edenvale is simple. These plugs do not need the strength to work most other child proof devices.

What Do Children Stick Into Plugs?

Almost 30% of electrical accidents involving a child happens. When a child sticks everyday household items into plugs, like knives, forks or paperclips. And 70% of those accidents occur when adults are present. These everyday items include Hairpins. Keys. Paper clips. Staples. Tools. Jewellery. Belt buckles. Nail files and Knives. For a few rands per electrical plug. You can make your house safe for your young ones. By having Childproof Electrical Plugs in Edenvale installed.

Here are the facts ...

Shocking Statistics

At least seven children a day get injured from sticking an object into an electrical plug. 95% of those injuries involve electrical burns. Reduce the chances of your child being another statistic with childproof electrical plugs. Have that peace of mind to know your child is safe.