Electrical Compliance Certificate Edenvale

Electrical Compliance Certificate Edenvale, better known as ECOC Edenvale, COC Edenvale. Or Electrical Certificate of Compliance Edenvale. The official document serving as proof. That all electrical items such as the Electrical Plugs. DB Board. Geyser. Electrical Wiring. And other electrical items, follow the South African Legislated requirements. Detailed in the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993. That came into effect in 2009.

Edenvale Electrical Compliance Certificate is proof that the electrical installation is safe. And complies with the South African National Standards and is valid for two years. The responsibility lies on the property seller. Once the certificate gets issued, and something goes wrong. The full liability falls on the property seller.

Everything About The Electrical Certificate of Compliance in South Africa!

What Is A Electrical Compliance Certificate?

Since 2010 An Electrical Certificate of Compliance is valid for two years. During this time, any extras that you may have included. After the original Electrical Installation. Will need to a separate Electrical Certificate of Compliance. Or, the entire installation will need to be re-inspected and certified.

Who Handles Electrical Compliance Certificate Edenvale?

It’s the responsibility of the owner. Or, the person renting the property. Must be in possession of the Electrical Compliance Certificate in Edenvale. At all times. Electrical Compliance Certificate is compulsory for selling your home. Or, the property is valid for two years. Or 24 months.

Electrical Compliance Certificate Edenvale covers electrical items like. Distribution Boards. Earthing. Bonding. Electrical Wiring. Antennas. Satellite Dishes. Wall Sockets. Light Switches. Gate Motors. Electric Fences. Also, Isolators. But, doesn’t cover fixed appliances like Geysers. Stoves. Electric Motors. Underfloor Heating etc.

Make sure that you don’t have electrical appliances, exceeding 1000 watts. Plugged into one electrical plug. Like an air conditioner. Or dishwasher, which needs their dedicated wall socket. See instruction manual of appliance for the wattage.

Ensure that Gate Motors. Stoves. Geysers and other stationary appliances with fixed power have an isolating switch.

Always make sure you buy electrical appliances that bear the SABS stamp of approval.

Finally, any extra electrical work done to the property. Will need its own Electrical Compliance Certificate Edenvale. Or, ask for an new Electrical Compliance Certificate for your property.

Property Owner Responsibilities

– All further electrical alterations and installations. Will need their electrical certificate of Compliance Certificate.
– Transfer of Compliance Certificate is now allowed.
– Property Owners are liable for the ECOC inspection and costs.

Electrical Contractor Responsibilities

– The electrical contractor must be, registered with the SA Department of labour.
– Electrical Contractors must have a fixed physical address. Also, landline number that reflects of the certificate. PO Box addresses are not allowed.
– The electrician must be a licensed and registered electrician.

Electrical Certificate of Compliance Edenvale Summary

Making sure to use a proper Electrician that can issue you with an. Electrical Compliance Certificate Edenvale is essential. If in the unfortunate event that you make use of a non-compliant electrician. You will then assume the full responsibility as the owner of the property. For an electrical installation.